Care Instructions

3 Basic Ingredients You Need To Grow Healthy and Beautiful Succulent Arrangements


I've created your succulent arrangement with a drainage hole and  rich pourous organic soil to insure a medium for growth, and effective drainage. Succulents prefer not to sit in wet soil very long. 

***Please note : Occasional arrangement does not allow for drainage hole. Extra care needs to be taken to not overwater. Use of a spray bottle to help direct quantity and location of water could be helpful and very effective. 


When you water your arrangement, you want to make sure that the soil is completely wet.  Let soil dry completely between waterings. Do not overwater! 

(Occasionaly I use plants that require exceptionally sparing amount of water..and will point this out at time of purchase.) 

Succulents will do fine in completely dry soil for a few days. During the dry period, your succulent plants will put out new roots that are thick and healthy, so they can absorb more water the next time you water.  

*Your location plays a big role in how much you have to water.. Extra care should be taken to not overwater! 

*If the weather is "very" hot and dry, you’ll probably need to water every 4-5 days, but if the conditions are cooler and /or more humid, you may only need to water once a week, or less.  

In the end, you’re going to have to experiment a little and see what watering schedule works for the best maintanence of  your succulent arrangement.


Indoors or out, your succulent arrangement will do best in bright but indirect light. Keep in place where they can get alot of shade, but still receive enough sunlight.

Enjoy,.. And please feel free to call, email or text me with any questions you may have.  I can also be available to help you transplant or take cuttings from your growing plants, and create another wonderful arrangement to add to your collection.


Cheryl Dailey