About Me ...Cheryl


My passion for creating succulent arrangements was inspired while traveling through Paris, and visiting the many beautiful gardens such as that found at Gardens of Versailles, Jardin du Luxembourg, and the Tuileries Garden.

I found myself drawn to the fabulous art created by the mere colors and textures of the different plants and flowers which were growing side by side. 

I was particulary taken by Claude Monet's private gardens at his home in Giverny, France and his paintings on canvas which reflected his impression or memory of the beauty as he saw it. 

I see "my canvas" as starting from the empty container which I explore its size, shape and color and how  it lends itself to different plants, mosses, stone and glass used in "each" arrangement I create.


My love for succulents start in the garden where I am involved in the process of their propagation and nurturance of healthy plants.

I love the nature of their durability, drought tolerance and ease of care. 

I'm still intrigued and excited by being able to remove a few leaves or offsets that have sprung up alongside the mother plant and restart another plant.

I thouroughly enjoy seeing others embrace the arrangement of their choice, and admiring and enjoying it as much as I have in creating it.


I find succulents to be both appropriate and  beautiful for all celebrations, special occasions, or just because... and add a touch of nature  and a statement to any space indoors and/or outside! 

Give a living gift to someone you care about, or enjoy in your own living space or office!